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“But now dealers from all over the country are

Both hospitals are reporting some positive things. Dr. Daniel Wickert from Franciscan Health said they have 19 positive patients at their hospital and 13 under investigation. Well, today isn’t Friday (I’m writing this on a Thursday), so I ordered a regular gyro and its fish equivalent. Both sandwiches are toasted pitas wrapped around lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, fresh cucumber and Bob’s homemade tzatziki sauce. The 8 ounce skinless haddock fillets are coated in a beer batter breading and fried for a few minutes in vegetable oil.

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Cincinnati’s “Outdoor Street Dining” program circumvents a natural challenge for many local restaurants, Mayor John Cranley said in a Friday evening news conference. Social distancing guidelines mandate that, when restaurants reopen, they keep each group of customers six feet apart or separate them with a physical barrier. Obeying those guidelines in many of Over the Rhine’s small pubs and restaurants would mean reducing seating to five tables or fewer.

The university is aware of complaints surrounding the women’s basketball program. We recognize the courage it takes to share personal stories. We have taken these complaints seriously and they have been thoroughly reviewed separately by the Title IX and Athletics offices, and addressed in accordance with university policy.

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