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Similar sentiments about COVID 19 vaccination were

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Cheap Jerseys from china Another 26% said they were unsure about getting innoculated, while one in five said that they not get vaccinated at all.The poll comes at a time where more than 100 potential coronavirus vaccines in development and health experts are emphasizing that a vaccine will be needed to return life to normal.The sentiments echo another more recent survey by, which shows that a quarter of Americans have little or no interest in taking a vaccine.Some participants however have said that their opinion might change, if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or scientific studies proved that the vaccine was safe to take.Visit ‘s homepage for more stories.While health experts say a vaccine to prevent further coronavirus infection is needed to return life to normal, just over half of Americans say they would get vaccinated against the disease, a new poll found.According to the survey, conducted by YouGov and Yahoo News, 55% of Americans said they will get vaccinated for the virus “if and when a coronavirus vaccine becomes available.”In contrast, 26% said they were “unsure” about whether they would get a vaccination, while 19% said they do not plan to be vaccinated at all.The survey was conducted between May 4 and 5 and used a sample of 1,574 adults. It comes at a time when scientists are racing to find a vaccine for the virus, which has so far infected more than 5 million people worldwide.At the time of writing, there are more than 100 potential coronavirus vaccines in development.This week, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that it would be working with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to produce at least 400 million doses of AZD1222 a potential COVID 19 vaccine.Meanwhile, the head of the Oxford Vaccine Group, Andrew Pollard, said on Friday that clinical trials of its coronavirus vaccine candidate were “progressing well.”While these breakthroughs have been significant, no vaccine is ready for publid deployment yet, and it will likely be some time before one is.Similar sentiments about COVID 19 vaccination were echoed in another survey conducted by /Ipsos this week. The poll found that a quarter of Americans have little or no interest in being vaccinated against coronavirus.However, a majority of respondents also said they would be heavily influenced if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any large scale scientific studies proved that the vaccine was safe.The survey, which was taken between May 13 and May 19 and included 4,428 Americans, also showed that around 36% of Americans said they would be less willing to take a coronavirus vaccine if President Donald Trump said it was safe Cheap Jerseys from china.

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